An Unusually Eventful Saturday

Apparently, there's an African Burial Ground in New York. How could I not check this out?! It's free and so easy to get to. I learned far more than expected about slavery and the life of a freed slave in New York. 

Some information I just never thought of.

I enjoyed myself a lot. If this was all I did Saturday, I would've been great. 

Since I finished with the Burial Ground earlier than expected, I decided to walk to the waterfront just because which took me past Zuccotti Park. Since the Occupy Protesters were evicted from the park, I hadn't been keeping up with their activities. I didn't expect to see anything so, imagine my surprise when I came across this:


Occupy Wall Street was celebrating their 6 month anniversary. I should've known this. After thoroughly kicking myself, I walked around taking pictures and enjoying the awesome atmosphere. That was when I saw people gathering in one area holding their cameras over their heads trying to take pictures of what was going on at the center of the group. 

Protesters were chanting. Something heavy was going on at the center of that gathering. Unfortunately, I'm short so no matter how high I held my camera, I couldn't see a thing. Then, from the middle of the crowd came an unnecessary amount of police officers. I mean a significant amount of cops had been at the center of this commotion. A lot of people were crowing around the retreating line of cops so I still have no idea what went on.

I hung out, taking more pictures. When I decided to leave, I saw protesters and cops running across the park. Naturally, I followed. This was all I could see but from the chanting, I gathered protesters and police were clashing across the street from the park. 
Shortly after, this crowd broke up and another formed at the edge of the park.
After awhile I, once again, walked about taking in the atmosphere and, again, was about to leave when someone started counting down from 3. Obviously, I couldn't leave just yet. They reached 1 and the protesters started laying down.
Minutes later, they were dancing and chanting. This was a celebration after all. It was an amazing Saturday. Once I got home, I followed OWS' twitter feed. Apparently, later that night, Michael Moore showed up. The police eventually kicked the protesters out. I hope this won't be the last time I see the Occupy Protesters.


  1. I hear you on the short thing. I can never see over crowds. Sounds like a full and eventful Saturday for sure.


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