I Should've Known Better

I don't usually read my story notes. They simply help my mind iron out parts of my story- you know- the world, characters' motivations and personalities. I remember best when I write things down so, I never felt any need to read these notes.


While rereading my work-in-progress, I realized I didn't have a good handle on how many creatures lived in my village so, I pulled out my World Building journal and checked my (really) rough sketch of the village.

I was shocked. The village is a lot bigger then I remembered, I mean a lot bigger. It would be easier to keep things the way they are but I much prefer the sketch to what's in my head. 

I should've known better.

Before I kept journals, I used to craft these amazing scenes in my head. They'd stay there until I got around to putting them in the story. When that time came, I'd remember the overall scene but forget the small details that made it pop. It annoyed me to no end because it felt like I'd lost something important. I now write down everything to do with a story as soon as it comes to me because, sometimes, my memory cannot be trusted. 

Why did I think World Building would be any different? 

Now, I'm wondering what other important details I got wrong. Before I do a final review of my novel, I'm going to read my World Building journal. It sounds like such an obvious thing to do, doesn't it?