It's About That Time

Now is the time for some action. I decided awhile ago to focus on my Masters and leave getting published 'til later. I'm so close now I can smell that degree (still can't believe it). It's time to start working (harder) on getting my first novel published.

I need to first get my story together. Some holes in my world building need to be plugged in. I'm kind of a perfectionist so my manuscript needs to be glistening before I even start querying agents.

I need a plan of attack. Now would be a good time to find potential agents and, at the very least, follow them on Twitter. It's time to do more research!


  1. Good luck with your research. I agree that you should get things as perfect as you can before you query. You only get one shot with each agent for this manuscript, so put your best words forward.

  2. I have enjoyed following you and will wait patiently for your next move.


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