Writing Therapy

Journal writing dug into my soul and pulled out things I never knew about myself. Writing all thoughts, never lifting pen from paper, helped me sort through some emotions. I stopped journaling awhile ago, though, and focused on stories. Writing, no matter the form, is therapy right?

The answer isn't that simple.

For me, it seems, writing my thoughts in a journal, working on stories and blogging affects me differently. Writing stories lifts me above the world. Because of this blog, things that used to bother me seem so small now. These two forms dig into the soul but nothing is brought to light unless I analyze my blog entries and stories. Unlikely. 

Writing in a journal was my way of soul searching. Though I never liked the idea of soul searching, I see how important it is. I need to let my thoughts lead the pen and see what develops.

I bought this gorgeous journal yesterday.

I didn't have any plans for it. Now I do.