RIP Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, died yesterday at age 56.

I was very late to the Apple party. Until recently, I wanted nothing to do with Macs or iPods or even iPhones. I didn't understand why people would stand in line for hours just to have the first iPhone (I still don't actually). I'd used an iPod a couple of times over the years and wasn't impressed. I couldn't stand Macs.

Not long ago, my media player broke and, for some reason, I got it in my head to replace it with an iPod Touch. I still have no idea where that thought came from. I'd used an iPod Touch before but wasn't impressed. I always figured people bought Apple products simply to be cool.

But, the day my media player broke I went to Best Buy and made a beeline for the iPods. I played around with one and started geekin' out. It was like those times when I'd pick up a book or a journal in a bookstore and couldn't put them down. No matter how many times I rationalized or walked around the store- book in hand, I just couldn't see myself walking out without it. Those moments don't happen often (or I'd go broke) but when they do, I listen to my instincts.

Now, I carry my iPod everywhere. When my iPod did a face plant onto the street I thought the world had ended. I stood there for awhile looking at it like I cannot believe that just happened.

Having it helps me a lot. I use it to manage my social networking. If I'm walking around and a brilliant story idea hits me or I come across a great name for a character or place, I no longer have to fish for pen and paper. I just pull out my iPod and open NoteMaster. I don't even go to the movies to buy tickets anymore. I buy them through the Fandango app. I use the calendar far more than my paper one or even my dry erase board. I no longer use a print bible- there's an app for that. I even use the thing as my morning alarm clock! I get my news from Twitter and the Breaking News app.

The iPod has made managing my life a lot simpler. Thanks for that Steve Jobs.

Here are some great articles about him on Wired and CNN World.


  1. I hate to see people die at such young ages. 56 is not old enough. I'm an Apple person myself (I'm on my MacBook right now) so I'm thankful for all Steve Jobs did in his lifetime.


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