Real Steel

Real Steel was amazing. People were so into it they clapped and cheered at all the right places. It was very well written. I can't think of anything I don't like about it. The writers took a plot that's been done to death and turned it into something spectacular.

Although it was set in the future, the world didn't look different from ours. You only knew this was the future because the technology was different (cooler looking). I like this subtly. It was still a world we could relate to.

Real Steel is a feel-good family movie, which I'm not usually into, but the action (robots bashing away at each other), balanced it out nicely. Putting aside the great plot, I wouldn't have paid $14 to see this move if it hadn't been for the robots.

They had personality even though they didn't talk or function on their own. They were so cooling looking. Some even looked so vicious. I loved it! You could feel them hitting each other. Real Steel had a way of sucking you in. The robots, the actors, everything was on point.

The kid, Max played by Dakota Goyo, was a riot. The child was so bold and man did he have a mouth on him. He could talk back to anyone and make them look bad. He was hilarious! Max was more of an adult than his dad.

Charlie, played by Hugh Jackman, was bile in the beginning but it was done in a way that didn't make him unlikable. At least he was honest about caring for no one but himself.

The touching parts between him and his son, Max, weren't overdone. Even someone like me, (someone who doesn't like mushy stuffy) smiled at those parts. The balance in Real Steel was perfect. I have no complaints. It was the ultimate underdog story.


  1. I have to admit I'm surprised. The trailer looked kind of comical to me. I'm glad to hear the movie is better.

  2. A lot of people felt the same way. They thought it would be a mindless movie and was suprised to find it was actually good.

  3. Sounds good. You've convinced me to go and see it. :) I really had no plans to see it.


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