Unexpected Lesson Learned from YouTube

I signed up for YouTube just for the fun of it. I posted a few videos and subscribed to a few channels including Simon & Schuster, GameSpot, Nintendo 3DS and Capcom because it could but, I never checked them or logged-on regularly. I don't even remember by password. Fortunately, I can sign in through Google.

For the entire summer, the channels I subscribed to didn't post any new content then September rolls around and now I'm getting like 5 or 6 emails a day, probably more, from YouTube saying this channel has uploaded a new video. They're usually book or game trailers or general gaming news. It tells me the fall is really important for both the publishing and gaming industry. This may be obvious to people who've been gamers since they were children or those who've been interested in the publishing industry for years but I've only recently become seriously interested in both and did not know this. For someone who wants to be a published author, knowing the book retailing seasons is important.

I'm reading Publishing-for Profit: Successful Bottom-Line Management For Book Publishers by Thomas Woll which enforced what I'd just learned. Apparently, YouTube is not just for uploading funny videos of your cat.