Adventures in Voting

Today was supposed to be the first time I voted in New York so, I was nervous but excited. I participated in the last 2 presidential elections but was registered in DC, which is not a state. Voting in NY is a whole different animal.

Visiting the Board of Elections in the City of New York's website and checking out the list of candidates didn't help my nerves- neither did visiting the New York State Board of Elections' page. The list was so intimidating. In the end, I called the BOE and asked them who would be on the ballot. Though the poll site is only two blocks from me, I didn't know exactly where it was so that, in of itself, was a little adventure.

I was excited but in the end, I couldn't vote. When I received my voter registration card, I noticed it said none beside party even though I had registered Democrat. I didn't think it would be a problem- shows I still have a lot to learn. For the primary election, I need to be registered Democrat, Republican or Independent.

I'm far more heartbroken than I thought I would be but, at least this is an easy fix (hopefully). The volunteer at the poll site gave me a form I need to fill out and mail in, which I will be doing today. I knew voting in NY would be different but I grossly underestimated how different it would be and how much I still don't know. 

Lesson Learned.


  1. The trip to the top starts at the bottom with a little confusion. Now that your are working through your consufion, you are now on your way to the top.


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