Just Write

( I wonder what happens to the HP7 countdown gadget when it reaches 0. I know it's the wrong picture but it's all I could find. I think I'll leave it there til I blog about HP. I won't be seeing the movie until Saturday night.)

In my previous post The Middle, I said I had an origin story for my creatures but didn't like something about it. I was reluctant to scrap the whole thing but in the end, it all had to go. It turned out for the better though. It took a lot of crossing out to find a story I liked but... I finally found one and I love it!

I just sat at my journal and started writing with just a name in mind. I was staring at a blank page for awhile though, not knowing how to begin. Even I have a tendency to over think things. It all came out as I put pen to paper. It was an invigorating experience.

For all the trouble it cost me, writing this origin story was surprisingly easy. As usual, it didn't turn out quite the way I planned. The villains aren't as evil as I pictured them but maybe it's for the best. I can change it later if it doesn't work. I now have a general idea of what the villains want with my characters and a better understanding of their ultimate goal. All I had to do was stop thinking and start writing.