The Best Laid Plans

So I intended this post to be about the NY International Auto Show but life and some minor technical difficulties means I'm going to have to hold that off until the next post on Thursday. I'm creating a video of all my pictures and it's taking longer than it did last time. At one point, my computer said my SD card was blank. I went into a mini panic because all my photos from the auto show were on there. I restarted my computer and everything's fine now.  Then, either programs wouldn't open or they opened and stopped responding. I couldn't figure out why it was happening but I fixed that too.

It's annoying how pretty much nothing goes according to plan. You have something set up in your mind of how it's going to go and it never turns out that way- sometimes it's better, sometimes it's worse. What's the point in making plans? Okay, I know the point. You can't just wander aimlessly because you won't go anywhere and some things do go according to plan.

Sometimes it's fun to see how entertaining life can get when plans go awry but other times, it's frustrating because it means you end up staying awake most of the night because for some reason, your computer decided to no longer connect with your wireless router. You know there are wireless connections in the area but the computer's not finding any of them and you spend hours trying to figure out if it's the computer or the router. I fixed it but I still don't know what happened. As you've noticed, I've been having a lot of fun with my laptop. Love it to death but my goodness!

I don't make plans often but when I do, it would be nice, for once, if everything went smoothly. Oh well. C'est la vie.