2011 NY International Auto Show

So I went to the Auto Show on Saturday with the intention of learning more about cars. I can, most of the time, tell the make and model of cars by looking at it but that's about it. I didn't expect to become an expert just by walking through the Auto Show but I had intended on learning something new. 

You know what they say about the best laid plans.

I was really good at first. Not just reading but examining the information about the cars and comparing it to others. Collecting brochures from each booth intending to read them later and then, I met the Dodges and the beautiful black Charger from the Fast Five and all that went out the window.  Actually, it wasn't the black Charger that made me loose my focus though it played a part. It was the green Dodge Challenger. That was all she wrote. I stopped caring about learning and started climbing into the cars to explore the features. It was fun because SUVs and vans now have like, secret hideaways you have to find. In my defense, I went home and studied the brochures which I'd never done before.

When I was reading the features at the auto show, I was so (I want to say stunned but I wasn't that stunned) let's say, geekin' out because these cars are like computerized mobile homes. It's awesome. I don't know why I would need a USB jack but how cool would it be to have one. The Chrysler Town and Country has an auxiliary jack by the back seat and an outlet. The doors only need the slightest push and they open and close pretty much on their own. You close the trunk with a button. You get behind the wheel of one of these cars and just enjoy because they do everything but drive themselves.

The Lotus, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Porsche, Aston Martin and Spyker were spectacular.  They're all in a league of their own with prices that'll make your eyes water. That Chrysler 300 SRT8 and the 300C Executive put Chrysler up there but they couldn't compete with the Dodge Charger, the Challenger and the Audio R8 GT, Spyder and TT RS but I have to say I loved the Concepts- Saab Phoenix, the Scion FR-S, and Lexus LF Gh. Although, that Nissan GTR was a hottie.

I had a great time exploring the features of the Town and Country and the Chrysler 200. Ford pulled out those Mustangs! That Boss 302 was a thing of beauty but so was that Honda CR-Z. On a massive screen behind the Chrysler 300 was that great commercial with Eminem that I hadn't seen since the Super Bowl- awesome.  As you can see, I can't really decided who was the best - this was how I was at the show- just all over the place. I'm going on looks because, like I said, after awhile I got so distracted by the hotties, I paid little attention to anything else.

I knew about some of the features beforehand but I never had the chance to use them. It's a good thing I'm not buying a car anytime soon. And either I'm getting shorter, which is unlikely, or the tires are getting bigger or maybe it's I've never stood beside a car with 17-20-inch alloy wheels.  I was looking at some of the sedans stunned at how massive their wheels are.

Everywhere I turned were these gorgeous, shinny cars and I just wanted to stand beside them, soak in the awesomeness and take hundred of pictures, which, in some cases, was difficult. It's NY, so tons of people were there which meant it was almost impossible to get a good picture of a hot car without someone standing in the shot. After awhile, I had to stop being nice and start, nearly, running over people. When one person moved, four more people took their place. 

The Auto Show was exhausting but I got a nice surprise at the end, which is in the video but you have to watch to the end to find out what the surprise was. I took so many picture it's ridiculous. Don't worry they're not all in the video.  I did learn new things just not the way I intended.


Alex said…
Daughter! this video is excelklent and your blog is really becoming interesting reading. Good job!
Auden Johnson said…
Thanks Daddio glad you enjoyed it.