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Author's Guide to Creating Infographics

Why would authors even care about infographics? They look complicated to make and most of the information isn't book related. Why would you bother? For a couple of reasons.

Book Promotions It would be nice if I could hire a designer to create character and land artwork. But, I can't. I don't have the funds for it. The next best things would be an infographic. I created this to introduce some of my characters.

I was actually surprised how popular this was. 
You could use infographics to describe characters, interesting facts about your world, some history...any information you think readers would want to know.  
Repurpose Content Naming Your Fantasy World is still one of my most popular posts. So, I took that information and turned it into an infographic.

I was surprised by how popular my Writing Haunted House Storypost became. So, I turned that into an infographic. If your blogging day is approaching but you don't know what to post, create an infographic of an older post…

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