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Making a Fantasy Town Map: Behind the Scenes

Funny how inspiration will hit you. I had planned to go hiking on Saturday to take my new telephoto lens out for a test. On Friday, I packed my bag, charged my camera battery and portable charger, printed a trail map and double-checked my path. I should've checked the weather first. Cold Spring was looking at an 80% chance of thunderstorms all afternoon. Clearly, Saturday was not the day to go outside.
Disappointed, I sat in front of my computer Saturday morning and started working on The Wailing Town. It's book 2 of The Other Investigator series. The Unburned Island is Book 1. I've been writing this book in pieces but now, it's time to connect all the sections. I also need to replaced placeholders like (town name) or (hospital name) with actual names. 
While describing the setting, I suddenly wanted to draw it out and make a map in Photoshop. The idea came out of nowhere. I enjoy creating fantasy maps but I don't usually make them for novellas.  
I dug out my sketch…

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