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Creating "To Other Worlds'" Print Cover, With Design Tips for Indie Authors

I generally don't have a preference for book format. Ebook, print, audio, I don't particularly care. I just like books. But, there is a special kind of feeling when I've finished the print cover for my book. Maybe it's because seeing the full front and back cover makes it seem real. But, designing a print cover is something special, in a good and slightly annoying way.
Here's To Other Worlds' cover for posting online:
Since I don't want the headache of trying to make a photo book look pretty as an ebook, To Other Worlds will be only available as a hardback. Maybe, eventually, I'll look into turning it into an ebook. I think Apple Books is good for publishing image-heavy titles. 
With that in mind, I probably should've made the print cover first. The way I created that above cover made it difficult to turn it into a full print cover.
For those who don't know, when publishing a print book, the publisher, whoever that is  (Amazon KDP,  ImgramSpark...),…

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