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Behind the Design: Cover Reveal

It's October. My favorite month. Trees turn pretty colors and Halloween is at the end of the month. My neighbors decorate their houses like it's Christmas and they're cool with people walking on their grass to take pics.

And this year, I'm going to Comic-Con. For two days. Do you know how many years I've tried to get 2-day passes?!

I keep forgetting that I can get to Sleepy Hollow by train and that they go all out for Halloween. This year I actually remembered early enough and I'm doing a cemetery tour.

And, I have something special for you. I usually make one or two of my horror-y books available for free. This year I'm doing an anthology. It'll be a collection of some of my published and unpublished horror/fantasy stories. It'll be free this month. Sometime after October, it'll be on sale.

So that means, time for a cover design!

I looked at the images I already owned to see what I could do with them. I really liked this:

But couldn't reall…

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