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Traveler's Notebook: Photographing The Ocean

Whenever you arrive at a new place, you'll often find shelves of tourist guides. I usually ignore them because we have this wonderful invention called the internet. But, after a 15-hour trip, I was just happy to have finally reach Kauai, Hawaii.  As I was thumbing through the guide, I came across an ad for renting a waterproof camera. Didn't think much of it except, "that's interesting." But, it must've stuck in my head. Two days later, I really wanted to rent a waterproof camera. And I did.

I use a Canon EOS Rebel T5i DSLR camera and I love it but, it's not really beach ready. I don't have a waterproof case for it and even if I did, I wouldn't take my $700 camera snorkeling with me.

I captured this with my DSLR:

And that's way too close to the ocean. The beach killed my last camera. Sand got in the lense.

I was crouched in the water to get that shot:

Before disaster struck my DSLR, I rented the Olympus Tough TG-5 from Kauai Bound.

That camer…

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