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Holding Your Book Never Gets Old: The Lost Sciell is Here!

2018. The year of mountains. The simplest things, stuff I've done several times with no problems became enormous mountains to climb. I talk about the journey to published The Lost Sciell in this post:

Behind the Scenes: Publishing a Paperback Book

Now, after several months and a lot of work, I'm finally holding the paperback version. That book's been done for a while but I didn't order copies until recently. I was simply happy the file had finally been approved and was available for sale.

Funny enough, even ordering copies was an obstacle. Amazon said they would arrive January 2. Longer than I wanted but I was okay with that. Two days before Christmas, I get a notification that my books will arrive on Christmas Eve. Any other time, I would've been happy.  But this year, I was in DC. Those books would've been sitting in front of my door for two days. Fortunately, my apartment is pretty secure, the people are pretty cool. They don't touch packages that don…

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