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Behind the Scenes: Fantasy Map Making

The maps for my Merging Worlds series have evolved in each book. Each story introduces you to new places. Why didn't I just release a full map in Book 1? Because you didn't need it in Book 1. The Sciell really only took place in one area: Northeast Jael- De'Ray Territory

90% of the book was set in Raeul.

Chains of the Sciell needed a more detailed map because the characters came from different parts of Jael.

Josephine: Denont and Lahyjion
Divine: De'Ray
Blae and Aliceanna: Korleen
Bel, Kaige and Mauve: Sovereign

Also, Josephine, Divine and Aliceana were world travelers. They mentioned places in other countries, which meant I needed to include a world map in Book 2.

I knew what the entire world looked like in Book 1 but didn't see the need to include every piece of information in the first book when it didn't come up until Book 2.

Book 3: The Lost Sciell was interesting. First of all, the characters travel across Jael, so you get more information on the map. Seco…

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